English Matters aims to provide relevant courses of high quality and support materials to help teachers maximise their students' potential in English.


Student Workshops and Revision Sessions

English Matters continues to offer the following popular courses, delivered in your school:

These sessions are individually tailored to meet the needs of the particular schools that have booked in for the sessions. They offer sound advice on maximising potential in interactive sessions with very experienced senior examiners.


A recent addition to our courses is 'The Bible in Literature'. Many texts contain a range of Biblical references which students (and teachers!) with limited knowledge of the Bible find unfamiliar. This programme takes an entirely secular approach designed to help students understand such references and put them into context. It is equally applicable to all exam boards.


INSET for Teaching Staff


Coursework Advice

Jean Evans was a coursework moderator for many years and English Matters offers advice or workshops on aspects of coursework. This can take the form of INSET work on teaching strategies and formulation of appropriate titles or workshops with students looking at particular texts.


Expert help with marking

Would you like an experienced examiner to mark your students' mock exams and give you detailed feedback on them? We now offer this service, along with the option of having your coursework marked by professionals, relieving overworked teachers from this demanding and time intensive task.











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